• Please see, that your child wears uniform, identity card badges clean shoes and socks.
  • Please see that your child brings the towel to school every day.
  • Please see that they do their home assignments regularly.
  • Please see that every day they read the lessons taught.
  • Do not disturb them while they are in the class.
  • Kindly remit the fees yourself in time (10th of every month)
  • Complaints and suggestions, may be made to the Principal or to the Class
  • Teacher in the space provided in the diary.
  • Please go through your child’s school diary every day and sign in the space provided.
  • Please go through your child’s test papers, progress cards and affix your signature.
  • Please attend all the Parent-Teacher Meetings.
  • A towel and spoon is a must in dining hall
  • Parents may meet the teachers on Fridays between 3.30 to 4.30 pm


  • Respect India, Indian Culture and Heritage
  • Respect Parents, teachers and elders
  • Be always good mannered, polite and honest in all your activities.
  • Be always friendly and ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need,
  • Get permission to enter class room, staff room or office.
  • Respect the beauty of the school and class rooms and keep them neat and tidy.
  • Bring only the relevant study materials to the school
  • Be regular to the school and concentrate on your studies.
  • Speak decent and polite words.
  • Respect and learn the values taught in the school.
  • Once the pickup points for the bus / van were identified, the charges will be varied if any change is requested under any circum stances the extension of this facility is totally at the direction of the management.


  • The school has a library for the use of the Students and the Staff.
  • Students of Std. VI and above only can borrow books from the Library.
  • Students of Std. up to V are allowed to use the library books in Library only.
  • Students may keep the borrowed books for a period of 7 days.
  • Then can renew the book twice. A fine of Rs. 1/- will be collected every day after the due date.
  • The student should buy the same book and replace if it is lost or damaged.


  • The school is modernly equipped with many numbers of Computers with multimedia to teach computer science practically from L.K.G onwards.


  • The school adopts a system of evaluation that is comprehensive reliable and objective. It promotes excellence among leaners and encourages them to achieve the highest standards.
(i) K.G section

Students are continuously evaluated at various points during each term. Their achievement at two stages in a term are recorded on a five grade point scale in the Development Report issued to the parents at the term. Only towards the close of each term syllabus covered is given either through diary or by typed sheets. However regular revision at home is insisted for the progress of the children at this stage.

(ii) I to IX std., (CCE System)

a) Slip Tests

b) Terminal Examinations

(iii) X,XI std & XII Std:

a) Weekly Tests

b) Mid- Term Tests

c) Quarterly Examination

d) Half-Yearly Examination

e) Revision Examinations.

  • Subject Mastery Examinations are conducted regularly Students who do not take up their studies regularly will be viewed seriously.
  • The attendance for slip tests, Mid-Term Tests and Terminal Examinations is compulsory
  • Conversation must be in English with everyone inside the school campus.
  • Students should not wear Gold Jewelry to the School.
  • Wrapper to all the note books and text books must be in brown paper or polythene paper.
  • Parents’ full co-operation is solicited in all matters concerning the progress and development of the students.
  • Leave letters must be sent for the absence. Absentees without leave letters in advance will be fined.
  • Retests will not be conducted for the students who will be absent for the exams.