Homework is an important part of the school’s approach to help young people work, think and learn on their own. We understand that primary children will often need help with their homework and appreciate the significant support provided by families in this regard. Should a student not have completed their homework despite having diligently spent the recommended time on the work, we politely request that parents write a note in the planner to explain the reason for any incomplete work.


to develop the ability to work alone

to encourage self-motivation and good organisational skills

to develop the skills to research, organise and present work on a given theme or topic

to allow the student to consolidate and extend the work done in class, or prepare for the following lesson

to encourage the habit of reading

to encourage the habit of regular work at home so that good routines are established in readiness for public examination preparation

to challenge each individual student with appropriate tasks


Maximum recommended homework times per night in the phase are 20 minutes to 2 hours.

It is the responsibility of the student:

to spend the required amount of time doing homework

to follow the homework timetable

to record the homework accurately

to endeavour to produce the best work

to present the completed homework on time

to realise that failure to do homework will result in sanctions, as set out in the Rewards and Sanctions Policy.