One of the most effective ways in which Fatima Matriculation Higher Secondary School seeks to improve achievement is by improving attendance. Even the very best teachers struggle to raise the standards of children who are not in school regularly.

Consequently, school Principal views attendance as one of his most important responsibilities. Each term the Principal publishes attendance and punctuality figures from the preceding term.

Our target for lateness is that it should not constitute more than 1% of our daily register.

Late students miss out on vital learning, especially in the first session of the day. Late students also interrupt the learning of other students, thus the school has an obligation to all children to insist on punctual attendance.

Students who are registered as late on 5 or more occasions in a term receive official notification of our concern from the school, with further letters at 10 and 15 instances of lateness in a term. At 20 instances of lateness in a single term a meeting is held for parents with the Principal to address the matter.

As part of our emphasis on high attendance we acknowledge those students who attend school every day of a term. The Principal sends these students a congratulatory letter to mark their achievement.